Mobile Update 2.0.72

Mobile Update 2.0.72
Filen App Update 2.0.72

In the latest mobile update, along with the option to retain internal albums via the automatic camera upload or background fetch, another significant feature has been added. Through file provider integration, you can now access your cloud files and folders directly from your standard "files" app (name may vary) on your smartphone.

Of course, that's not all. Besides the added notes, chats, and contacts, there are numerous other changes listed in the change log below.

If you have any questions, suggestions or encounter any bugs, please feel free to contact us directly >>here<<.

  • Added Android Documents Provider
  • Added iOS Files Provider
  • Added folder downloads & uploads
  • Added Notes
  • Added Chats
  • Added Contacts
  • Added automatic folder organizing for the camera upload (only applies to new uploads for backwards compatibility reasons)
  • UI adjustments
  • App specific files are now in a sandbox instead of public
  • New performant text editor
  • Added exporting of files into other apps
  • UI dimensions fixes
  • Improved app startup time
  • Added background fetch
  • Added push notifications
  • Added realtime events
  • New image viewer
  • Improved transfer UI performance
  • Fixed app locking
  • Fixed following of system dark/light mode
  • Added norwegian translation (Norsk bokmÃ¥l)
  • Added slovakian translation (Slovak)
  • Added hungarian translation (Magyar)
  • Improved performance when loading really large folders
  • Added a proper splashscreen
  • General bug fixes & performance improvements