Desktop Client Update 2.0.4

Desktop Client Update 2.0.4

After we had to roll the version 2.0.3 back to version 2.0.2 due to multiple error messages and bugs mainly on Windows. Our development team managed to fix the issues over the weekend and the latest version 2.0.4 is now available to download on our website.

NOTE: If you get a Windows SmartScreen warning, there is no need to worry about as the application has a completely new codebase and is freshly code-signed.
The warning disappears when the application has been downloaded by many users and enough days have passed.


  • Fixed a bug that results into sync deltas not being calculated correctly
  • Now acquires sync lock off the worker thread for better consistency
  • Fixed author & publisher name on windows
  • New and better update flow
  • Fixed public link downloads resulting into "Invalid password"
  • Dramatically reduced app size (25-50% on most platforms)
  • Improved loading time for the cloud window
  • Files inside the cloud window are no longer clickable (as it should be, only folders can be navigated into)
  • The client now properly detects if a file/folder has been deleted locally while being uploaded

Windows x86_64:
Windows arm64:
MacOS x86_64 (Intel):
MacOS arm64 (Apple Silicon):
Linux x86_64:
Linux arm64:

You can also look up the changelog on our Filen Desktop App GitHub

We apologize once again for the delays and inconveniences caused.