Desktop Client Update 2.0.22

Desktop Client Update 2.0.22

In this update we implemented the new API, fixed many Linux problems (some distributions still cause problems but we are working on it), improved the sync performance which is also due to faster hashing and encryption functions and other important changes.
You can find the full changelog below:

Bugfix/QoL/Performance release

  • Bumped API version to v3
  • Moved local FS operations to main thread to prevent permission issues
  • Date calc performance improvements
  • Sync issues tab reworked
  • Most of the codebase refactored
  • Faster hashing and encryption functions
  • Added hash integrity check to uploads
  • Reworked internal IPC comms
  • Converted main thread to TS
  • Dir watcher reworked
  • Fixed .filenIgnore editing
  • Faster uploads
  • Performance improvements
  • General bug fixes and UI improvements
  • Fixed rare sync issue on linux

Direct downloads:
Windows x86_64:
Windows arm64:
MacOS x86_64 (Intel):
MacOS arm64 (Apple Silicon):
Linux x86_64:
Linux arm64:

If you have any suggestions or ideas for improvement, we welcome your feedback through all communication channels. For a direct response, we always recommend using our support.

Thanks for stopping by and see you next update.