Desktop Client Update 2.0.2

Desktop Client Update 2.0.2

Our long awaited Desktop Client Update is now available for download.

It has never been easier to manage your own data securely and from anywhere in the world.
Upload and download speeds have been significantly improved with the new update and improved sync algorithm.

For users with slower internet speeds, upload and download speeds can be throttled independently.

Network throttling

The new selective sync option makes it much easier to manage individual files and folders as you need them.


Every single file and folder can be selected.

Selective Sync

The new client is now optimized and signed for x86 and ARM64 systems, which means higher processing power and better battery performance.


  • Fixed manual uploads and downloads not working sometimes
  • Added Japanese and Danish translations
  • Fixed sync mode explanations not showing when in light mode
  • Added a button toggle for pausing/unpausing a sync location inside the settings
  • Selecting a local path now uses the top most focused window instead of the worker window
  • Better syncing algorithm
  • It is now possible to select and sync individual folders (locally and remotely)
  • File and folder uploads directly from the client are possible now
  • Bandwidth throttling is now possible
  • Selective sync implemented (select what you want to sync from the remote)
  • Added the ability to edit a .filenignore file (works just like a .gitignore file)
  • It is possible to setup global keybinds for specific tasks now
  • The popup client window now shows exact syncing progress, with progress bars, time left, speed etc.
  • Included builds for x86 and ARM64 for all platforms
  • Windows build is now code signed
  • and more..

Here is a direct download list for every system:

Windows x86_64:
Windows arm64:
MacOS x86_64 (Intel):
MacOS arm64 (Apple Silicon):
Linux x86_64:
Linux am64:

Please completely remove the old version as it is incompatible with the new version!

We are happy to be able to provide such a coherent application to our customers.