Desktop Client Update 2.0.11

Desktop Client Update 2.0.11

Another month, another update. In December we have released a new Desktop Client update which greatly improves the up and download performance together with less memory and CPU usage.
A full change log is listed below:

Bugfix/QoL/Performance release

  • Fixed a bug where files would not be synced correctly in
    Local-To-Cloud/Local-Backup mode
  • Fixed a memory leak when syncing a large dataset
  • Huge performance improvements when reading local/remote directory trees
  • Less memory pressure on renderer windows
  • Less memory pressure on DB tasks
  • Less memory pressure on sync tasks
  • Added the ability to directly create public links with a click on a remotely synced item
  • Added the ability to clear the local sync/event log
  • Internal memoization to speed up all tasks by a huge margin
  • Fallback handlers when local directory traversing fails due to EPERM/ELOCKED temporary errors
  • Code cleanup, added more types
  • Faster startup
  • Local/remote directory trees are now traversed in parallel
  • Fixed a bug where the sync would loop indefinitely
  • Fixed a bug where the Linux version would crash due to libappindicator
  • Updated electron version
  • Fixed a bug where the Linux version would not detect local changes
  • Fixed local disk check
  • Multiple regressions fixed
  • DB fixed
  • General bug fixes

Direct downloads:

Windows x86_64:
Windows arm64:
MacOS x86_64 (Intel):
MacOS arm64 (Apple Silicon):
Linux x86_64:
Linux arm64:

If you have any suggestions or ideas for improvement, we welcome your feedback through all communication channels. For a direct response, we always recommend using our support.

Thanks for stopping by and see you next update.